Gourmet Village Dip Mixes

gourmet village dip mixes

Gourmet village has a wide array of dip mixes and other food enhancing products to help get your family and friends eating their way through the day. From their best-selling roasted pepper dip mix to their cheesy brie toppings, there is something for everyone.

A dip is a must have in the kitchen. With the right seasonings you can easily make a tasty snack in minutes. A good ol’ fashioned dip is a delicious alternative to take on the go or serve up as a quick appetizer for your next get together.

The best part is it is easy on the pocketbook. Just add a cup of sour cream or mayo and you’re done!

For a real gourmet touch, consider serving this savoury treat in a dip chiller for a refreshing burst of flavour. The clever little machine comes in a slick two-piece design that’s as elegant on your countertop as it is in your hand.

Top it off with a glass of wine and you have the perfect end-of-the-week dinner for your family. Or, you can just serve it with some crusty artisan bread or crackers to keep the party going long after the last mouthful has been scarfed down.

Other food-related goodies include salad dressings in three flavours. There are also a few novelty items like their hand-made hot chocolates and, of course, their ever-popular savoury dip mixes.

Those looking for the pinnacle of the dip-making experience should look no further than one of the many Gourmet du Village offerings that have been created over the past 30 years.